Florida's Personnel Development Supporting Exceptional Student Education


Institutes of Higher Education Professional Development Opportunities


The Florida Department of Education (FDOE), Working with the Experts (WWE) and the Personnel Development Support Project (PDSP) collaborate to keep faculty informed of current initiatives and policy impacting teacher preparation programs to work towards positive outcomes for students with disabilities. Through the use of a needs assessment survey, topics for IHE meetings and webinars are planned to present and discuss relevant and pressing topics for teacher preparation faculty.

There is also an annual Institutes of Higher Education (IHE) Summer Institute which brings together faculty in the area of special education and to collaborate and gain information related to improving outcomes for students with disabilities. The Summer Institute is held at a different institution each year and features presenters from relevant national organizations and from the FDOE. Two faculty members from each IHE with a teacher preparation program are funded to attend but as many as can come are welcome.  General education faculty are also highly encouraged to attend as all teachers are responsible for instruction of students with disabilities. In addition to the Summer Institute, faculty are also invited to attend the FDOE Administrators Management Meeting to participate in IHE meetings and professional development.

If you would like to participate in the needs-based webinars, attend the IHE Summer Institute, attend the IHE meetings at the Administrators Management Meeting, and/or maintain awareness of these efforts, please sign up for our email list. You will also receive the Plugging In Newsletter which is sent out 3 times a year – fall, spring, and summer usually toward the end of each semester.